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iGADGET® Reversible Hook and Loop Neoprene Cable Tidy Management Sleeve



Are you struggling with your av cable management and fed up with that untidy look? Introducing iGADGET Reversible Hook and Loop Neoprene Cable Tidy Sleeve Management with generous 130mm diameter of cable wrap that will fit your chunky cables (holds upto 8-10 cables) together, giving your cables that tidy look!


You no longer have to remove all the av cables, simply use the zip to access your cables and slip that extra one in as and when required, simple as that!


We supply to households as well as Commercial organisations so you can be assured of the quality of our products!



General AV cable management, Home, Offices, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Custom Installations, Home Cinema Installations, DIY Projects, Plants, Industrial Machinery, Electrical appliances, Railways, Automobiles, Aerospace etc.


Packaging Includes:

1 x iGADGET Reversible Neoprene Cable Tidy Sleeve


★★★★★FED UP WITH THOSE MESSY WIRES? IMPROVE YOUR AV CABLE MANAGEMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!★★★★★ Whether watching satellite TV, Gaming or Online movies they all need cables which end up like a spaghetti junction behind our TV! iGADGET cable wrap sleeves have been designed to ensure that all your wires are secured into the cable tidy with easy access and makes your TV area look tidy!


★★★★★WORRIED THAT YOUR CHILD OR PET CAN COME IN CONTACT WITH LIVE WIRES? PEACE OF MIND IS RIGHT HERE FOR YOU!★★★★★ Easily slip in all your live wires in our iGADGET Cable Tidy sleeve also works as a PSU cable sleeve management and you can be rest assured that it is out of reach.


★★★★★EXPANDABLE – EASILY HOLDS UP TO 8-10 CABLES, IDEAL FOR SKY, VIRGIN MEDIA, APPLE TV, PS4, XBOX GAMING CABLES, HOME CINEMA★★★★★ If you have multiple cables and need a flexible neoprene cable sleeve management then we have the ideal product since you can easily add 8-10 cables (possibly more!).


★★★★★100% POLYESTER – LIGHT, STRONG, DURABLE, HEAT & ABRASION RESISTANT – IDEAL FOR HOME OR COMMERCIAL USE★★★★★ At iGADGET we believe in providing great value to our customers. Our cable sleeve is made from exceptional raw materials which are used for Commercial Use. Our cable sleeves are 100% Polyester and heat resistant, very light yet exceptionally strong. ★★★★★PERFECT FOR DIY ENTHUSIASTS AND ANY COMMERCIAL USE★★★★★


★★★★★MAKE WIRES INVISIBLE WITH THE HIGH QUALITY FINISH★★★★★ Our iGADGET Zipped Neoprene Cable Sleeve is made with high quality polymers which ensures that your wires are not visible or minimally visible (for maximum wires) when they are inside the iGADGET cable management sleeve.




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