VIDEO: Why the U.S. and Switzerland are Innovation Champions

VIDEO: Why the U.S. and Switzerland are Innovation Champions


Specialist, Policy Communications, Consumer Technology Association

The United States and Switzerland are two of the 16 countries with the best environments for innovation, according to CTA’s 2019 International Innovation Scorecard. Last week at CTA’s 15th annual Digital Patriots Dinner in Washington, DC, officials from the U.S. and Switzerland accepted their Innovation Champion awards on behalf of their countries. Here’s why they won:



Switzerland ranked second-highest overall on the Scorecard due to its fast, affordable broadband, strong investments in research and development and high numbers of skilled workers with STEM degrees. The country spends 3.4% of its annual GDP on R&D, over half (52.2%) of its workers are highly-skilled and one-third (30.4%) earned college degrees in a STEM field.


“Switzerland doesn’t have a lot of resources,” said Switzerland’s Ambassador to the U.S. Martin Dahinden. “So, the economic success depends on investment in people and the education system.”


Watch Ambassador Dahinden’s speech

United States

For the second year in a row, the U.S. earned top marks for its thriving domestic startups and public policy support for innovation. The U.S. is home to 133 Unicorns – companies worth over $1 billion – founded in the past decade, the most of any country on the Scorecard. Federal and state policies are also clearing the way for self-driving vehicles and commercial drone use.


“Our goal as a country is really quite simple,” said Deputy Assistant to the President for Technology Policy and Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios. “We want to ensure that the next great technological triumphs in this world are made in America, by American workers and true to American values.”


Watch Kratsios’s speech